Evangelist In Financial Support And Management

It was the second day of GCC,  Thursday 21 November 2019, the Evangelists have just come back at  9:00am refreshed; with great expectation to receive; when Evangelist Joseph Steven burst out with tears and tongues-speaking and provoked every participant; and suddenly heaven was open as the glory of Lord came down upon all forgetting the days business rolling on the ground with tears of joy; repentance and onward decision to preach as they have never preached before; they pledged to the Lord to give all; all and all to win the perishing souls.

Vibrating and screaming with testimonies of giving all for the gospel, there was none in the audience that did not repent afresh.

It was a drama full of demonstration of spirit and power as Evangelists” Joseph roared from the altar to the pews like a roaring lion. 

According to him; he said,
“Evangelist in financial support and management is a call for evangelists to be careful of money when it begins to increase in their preaching ministries.  God gives the power to make wealth so that his will in ministry will be fulfilled. 

He said that this power must not be abused.  Jesus and Paul have the power to make money but they never abused it.

He said they set their minds on the revelation of God on skills and means of achieving goals of their preaching ministries rather than setting the mind on money as a means to achieve goals in ministries.

He encouraged Evangelists to be hungry for perishing souls; set mind on the things of this earth.  That when God sees your faithfulness he will reward you greatly.

He said,
"When God increases your money,  he will give you wisdom on how to manage or control it so you shall still be on fire for souls".

He made straight points to evangelists how financial increase can come from God as God touches friends and partners to support your preaching ministry.

God leads you to have investments and faithful people to control them for you.  God using the products of your preaching ministry such as books, DVDs, videos to bless you.  God can also use the result or proofs of miracles, signs, and wonders in your ministry to favor you.

He talked about how to control money when it increases in ministry as that you set your mind on God; preaching ministry daily in prayers and reading of the Bible and on the work in your hand than thinking on the amount of money in the account.  You must protect your heart.

He said
"See you invest money in preaching ministry than in your private life and family". 

He concluded by sharing the benefits of controlling the financial increase in your preaching ministry as helping you to remain focused on the anointing, preaching ministry and heaven in the fear of God.

Helping you to remain fulfilled unto old age; heaven and entering unto the world to come without crashing your faith.

He said it shall help you have peace of God in your heart and peace with God without a lack of doing God's work.

It humbles you to see money as God’s grace in your life; so you don’t boast before the poor seeing that your money comes from God.

In other words, he encouraged the Evangelists to remain faithful preaching the gospel in any condition.

By Okechukwu Nwaigwe

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