How to Remain In The Labour Of Grace

The atmosphere was full of expectation as the Network evangelists were falling in line with the registration table. The Imo state contingents were the first to arrive earlier in that great city of Ijotun in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.

They have one purpose in mind: to be trained and empowered with new revelations on preaching the gospel.

That was faithful Wednesday 20th of November 2019 at 9:00am, with a standing ovation, GCC 2019 kicked off as Evangelist Dr. Jim Emmanuel mounted the podium and preached a powerful sermon on “how to remain in the labor of grace".

According to him, 
“One of the outstanding skills of Jesus Christ In his preaching ministry and remaining in it unto fulfilment is his consciousness and total dependence on the spirit of his father he was carrying in his heart”.

Speaking of Paul’s encounter with Jesus, he said that Paul recognized the spirit of Jesus Christ he was carrying boasted not of his labor in the gospel. But attributed it to the “Labour of the grace of Jesus”.

The success he said was as a result of his total dependence on the spirit of Jesus.

Hearing his voice; obeying his commands, giving him a chance in ministration helped make his preaching ministry easy.

According to Dr. Jim; he outlined the following ways as a means to remain in the grace of preaching the gospel till old age or death and rapture:

1. You must start now to believe that your preaching the gospel is not all about you but all about God, his business more than your business Lk 2: 49, Rom 12: 11.

2. You must be conscious of the fact that you are carrying Jesus Spirit in you, you are not alone: Mk 16: 17; 1John 4:13.

3. You must, therefore, develop a relationship with him more important than anything that mattered in your preaching ministry: Phil 3: 10.

4. You must trust and obey him in all issues of your preaching ministry; time to preach, time to rest, time to give the spirit chance and time to stop preaching. 2Cor 3: 6; Joh 5: 19.

By Chisom Adiele
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