Jesus Tour to 36 States Of Nigeria

It was like an overfed cloud-ready to drop its rainstorm, in the eminent readiness of heart; patient awaiting; the vision carrier; the president of the Network Rev Dr.  Wilkey Ozor took over the Microphone and announced “Jesus Tour to 36 states of Nigeria”.

He took his text Matthew 9:35-38. And held the GCC participants spellbound for almost 1hr 30 minutes rolling out scripture upon scripture, revelation upon revelation, in the midst of applause and shout of Amen!  Amen; Aleluyah.

According to him;
 “When Jesus was on earth he was an itinerant evangelist.  After his death the apostles received of his spirit of preaching from place to place, each one forming a team of strong followers who got scattered abroad with a culture of preaching the gospel from place to place as they go”. 

He said that in the same spirit of gospel culture the leaders of the Network of Int'l Evangelists organization have decided to tour with Jesus gospel to the 36 states of Nigeria.

He said Nigeria's diversity represents the nations of the world. For in Nigeria, according to him are “Resistant and non-resistant states; with diverse language groups and religion”.

He said that Jesus did not show him what logistics that they shall meet on the way but that with Jesus, the tour which shall begin in April 2020 shall be successful.

Talking of the reason for undertaking such tour said it is to answer their name as traveling or itinerant evangelists; to preach the gospel beyond the border of their influence; to spread the gospel power all over Nigeria from Lagos State of their command post; and that such project will prepare them for the international open door soon.

He gave him of those that shall go for Jesus' tour.  And it shall be every member of the network with soul-winning in his/her blood; evangelists who are ready to sacrifice six days from Wednesday to Monday of the Tour period.

And that such evangelists must be one who obeys the authorities of the Network,  obey the law of Nigeria able to face challenges without fear; must be prayerful,  loving and peaceful easy to relate with others in the team.

He outlined lots of benefits of the Tour to any participant such as an increase of rewards in heaven; improvement in preaching ministry through exposure; stepping feet on other states of the country and having exciting testimony of experience after each trip.

By Mary Richard

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