Rejoice, Soon You Will Be A First Professor In Evangelism Nigeria Had Ever Produced

When we started 16years ago in the network of Int’l evangelists organization; we did not know that God is preparing us for the highest level of honor in life – to be a professor in evangelism – the first of its type in Nigeria if not in the whole world.


This is because professorship is academic attainment that is not determined by the examination; term papers, thesis and other scholastic evaluation techniques to be rated.

Rather it is a scholastic honor given by a board or a group of doctors or professionals in a given field of work to a fellow who has distinguished himself by new discoveries in extra work ahead of his colleagues; imparted the society by his new perspective to the work of his specialization or field of his endeavor.

And because of his impart upon lives in theory and practice; he is awarded the honor of a professor in his field of Endeavour.


Now network school of evangelism has charged its department of "Parade Discipleship Training Program” to prepare a 9 level course 900, of 108 lesson topic/credit hours for the network born again evangelists to be trained and turned out to professional evangelists.


The course will take them for 9 years. First-year is a Team Unit Training of 5 born again evangelists; who shall be graduated after one year to be given the mandate to form their own chain movement, by gathering 5 new born again evangelists each to train under their command.

As each is receiving a training course in level 2; he/she is at the same time training others in their level 1. Thereby impacting lives both by lecture, practical training, and soul-winning in the society. The cause is not easy nut rewarding.

By the time he gets to 9 years of schooling and training in evangelism; he has known the arts and science of evangelism.

And shall be qualified to receive the rare Christian school honor of professor in evangelism. You will be rewarded.

This shall be world-class.


And the network school of evangelism shall give you the world-class certificate of a “Professor in Evangelism” which will qualify you to preach the gospel freely in any part of the world.

Rejoice; no one gets this honor on a platter of gold but of hard work, enduring time of studies; training; commitments and decision to success.

Above your obvious responsibilities to training; controlling; supervising over 1 million evangelists under your commands. And in absolute obedience to the network of Int’l evangelists organization authorities and the authorities of the Holy Bible and God and in preaching the gospel to the perishing souls of your missions field.

Rejoice! Join this first batch now in all the 9 centers of the school, admission closes on the last Thursday of every March.

For more information; apply to the president; Network school of evangelism: Email: or call 08033530341, 08033751624; 08023860077.

See yourself a future professor in evangelism as honored by God and man.

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God bless you.

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