Understanding The Network School Of Evangelism.

The network school of evangelism is a mobile school that carries its training of preaching evangelists from one training ground to another.

It has a department of Parade Discipleship Training Program given the responsibility to develop a 9 level course 900 topic 108credit hour curriculum to educate and train preaching born again evangelists from all over the world to become professional evangelists, with the view to obtain professorship certificate in world-class evangelism.

This is a 9-year course and probably the first in history a school of evangelism is producing professors in evangelism

With the structure /chart to chain movement whereby a Team leader trains 5 and more born again evangelists at graduation each student develops his own chain by training another 5 born again evangelists; who willing turn train another chain of 5 evangelists from level 1 to 9; having about one million evangelists under his command and reporting to the president of the network of international organization that owns the school of evangelism see “Carry Go” menu)

The school does not charge fees: but demands money for handout services from the students that are not costly.

Graduation is every November during the Gospel Camp Conference (GCC); students are expected to gather at Ijotun in the Lagos State of Nigeria to celebrate the gospel. The student will be graduated to the next levels and commissioned to develop their own network chain movements.

The admission into the school of evangelism begins in January and closes March of every year.

For those desiring to enroll online must write an application stating their;

  • Full Name
  • Phone no
  • Church
  • Years in preaching ministry
  • Local government area; 
  • State of origin and 
  • Nationality.

Which is to be forwarded to the president; Email us at sobifantelevision@gmail.com
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