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Network Of International Evangelists Organization fondly known as Network Of Evangelists is a global organization involved in mobilizing preaching/traveling evangelists and grouping them into team units with the goal to train, motivate, help and equip them to preach the gospel of Jesus daily.

We build the preachers that preach the gospel using the school of evangelism tools, parade meetings, day crusade, tract sharing, motor and friendship evangelism methods; night crusade and social media evangelism to train and equip them to win souls in their place of influence.

We are a team of preaching evangelists from various outreach ministries, churches, and nations bound together with the love of God for perishing souls; united by our common name, objectives, visions, and aspirations. (John 4:34-38).

Network Objectives

  1. To preach the gospel at all times, by all necessary means acceptable.
  2. To mobilize evangelists to preach Jesus anywhere they go/live/work and play
  3. To train and educate evangelists to use their preaching ministries.
  4. To motivate preaching evangelists to move forward preaching the gospel without fear.
  5. To empower the evangelists with materials, cash, kind in support of their preaching ministries.
  6. To equip church workers with training programs that facilitate soul-winning for growth.
  7. To provide an enabling environment for the mission field.
  8. To facilitate connections for preaching evangelists to hold preaching engagement.


The network is made up of a team unit of 5 evangelists, who have agreed to come together with the purpose to preach the gospel of Jesus as a team, winning the perishing souls in their area of influence or mission field.

This team unit gives rise to a group of 25 evangelists to the province of 125, to an area of 625 to a state of 3125 to Nat'l of 15,625 to Int'l of 78,125 to continental of 390,625 to a world of 1,953,125 evangelists in the chain we grow evangelists nets.


The network of Int'l Evangelists Org is a division of Christian Faith Endtime Church (Inc) RC 47242 is registered with CAC Nigeria and also a member of the Christain Association of Nigeria (CAN); Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and Calvary Ministries (Capro).

Our Motto: 

Building the preachers that preach the gospel.

With this motto in action, we build the evangelists under our network through motivation, training and empowerment programs.

Network Parade

This is our Evangelists discipleship training program to turn out professional evangelists with 108 courses earning 9 levels for a world-class evangelist certificate. and every member must attend.


Network membership is made up of (a) Team Members (b) Financial members (c) non-financial members.

Must be born again Christian worker with evidence of the gift/zeal of preaching the gospel.

Financial must be an assest, not a liability.

Must be able to pay dues as agreed by the unit or group of the network level.

Non-fincancial members are visitors/friends. and Team members are leaders and builder of teams, groups, province e.t.c of network organization.

Ordination and co-ordination of a new member are important for obtaining Int'l I.D card, Certificate, and License.
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